Mapex B1 Industrial near MRT

Mapex B1 Industrial near MRT
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MAPEX B1 @ Marymount . Starbuy (B1) Industrial

A Premier Freehold B1 development with Modern Architecture and New Concept of Space. Mapex B1 Industrial is a new urban development that offers a complete business environment for light industrial multi-users and companies that demand flexibility to grow and expand their business.  Mapex B1 Industrial Factory provide easy loading/ unloading with Ramp-up to Level 6, Storey 7 & 8 are Flatted Factory Units.

MAPEX B1 Freehold Industrial Key Highlights:

  • Mapex B1 is a rare Freehold B1 Industrial Factory for auxiliary office, storage, packaging, distribution, interior design, servicing trades 
  • Convenience, Mapex B1 is located just 72m from Marymount MRT
  • Prominent Frontage
  • High Ceilings of Up to 6m
  • Iconic Design and Modern Facade
  • An Outstanding Development with Combination of Ramp-up and Flatted Units
  • A Staff Canteen within the Development
  • Ample Parking Lots in Mapex B1
  • Reap the Rewards of Foresight Tomorrow, Potential Capital Appreciation
  • Limited B1-Industrial Zoning in Marymount District

Mapex B1 Industrial- Limited B1 Zoning

Mapex B1 Freehold Industrial Photo Gallery

Mapex B1 Freehold Industrial Floor Level Breakdown :

Mapex B1 Floor Level Breakdown

Mapex B1 Industrial Floor Level Breakdown


  1. Software design and development
  2. Product/ prototype design, industrial and engineering design.
  3. Mapex B1 is suitable for Fashion designing.
  4. Manufacture of polyethylene products (not involving printing operation).
  5. Assembly and repair of computer hardware, audio-visual equipment, and other communication/ electronic equipment, apparatus and parts (not involving spray-printing, electroplating or galvanising operations. Only minor soldering will be allowed.
  6. Information Technology (IT) technical support/ maintenance centres.
  7. Assembly and repair of coffee, computing and accounting machinery (not involving spray-painting, electroplating or galvanising operations).
  8. Assembly and repair of electrical appliances and housewares (not involving spray- printing, electroplating or galvanising operations. Only minor soldering will be allowed.
  9. Assembly and repair of photographic and optical goods (not involving spray-painting electroplating or galvanising operations).
  10. Manufacture and repair of watches and clocks ( not involving spray-painting, electroplating or galvanising operations).
  11. Warehousing activities and storage of finished products such as furniture, electric appliances, garments, canned food and beverages etc (except for storage of chemicals) are allowed in Mapex B1 Industrial
  12. Manufacture of paper products without printing activities.
  13. Manufacture of professional, scientific, measuring and controlling equipment (not involving the use of chemicals, inclusive of gaseous chemicals).
  14. Diagnostics laboratories and referral laboratories.
  15. International Specialist and engineering consultancy eg.oil exploration.
  16. Medical and specialist centres eg. Eye institutes, paediatrics, bionic limbs, health screening.
  17. Distribution Services


Mapex B1 for food industries:

  1. Packing of dried foodstuff, blending of food ingredients, bottling of syrups/ cordial juice.
  2. Packing and bottling of medicinal herbs and medicated oil.

Mapex B1 for other usage:

  1. Research & Development involving small quantities of chemicals.
  2. Biotechnology
  3. Manufacture of made-up textile goods (except wearing apparel) without dyeing, bleaching and/or other finishing operations.
  4. Knitting mills without dyeing, bleaching and/or other finishing operations.
  5. Manufacture of carpets and rigs without dyeing, bleaching and/or other finishing products is suitable for Mapex B1 Industrial.
  6. Manufacture of wearing apparel (except footwear) without dyeing and/or bleaching operations
  7. Manufacture of footwear, except for those made of plastic or vulcanised or moulded rubber.
  8. Manufacture of products of leather and leather substitutes, except footwear and wearing apparel.
  9. Printing, publishing and allied industries.
  10. Mould-making without metal stamping, etching or electroplating.
  11. Manufacture of containers and boxes of paperboard is suitable for Mapex B1 Industrial.
  12. Manufacture of plastic products, not elsewhere classified.
  13. Manufacture of paper products also involving printing activities without pulping orks or bleaching operations.
  14. Manufacture of aluminium window frames and grills from aluminium extrusions without spray-painting operations.
  15. Servicing and refilling of fire extinguishers.


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